Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

Close-up of Handle-It's automatic pallet wrapping machine, model 1100 AA-C

By fully automating your wrapping process, automatic stretch wrappers are a cost-effective solution that reduce labor costs, increase production, and improve efficiency.

Automatic pallet wrapping will decrease risk of injury and reallocate labor to more productive tasks. Our machines will streamline your operations and improve load containment resulting in less lost or damaged product in transit.

Handle-It offers a variety of automatic pallet wrapping machines, both conveyor-fed and portable units. We offer both turntable and rotary arm style with options specific to your application.

Explore our inventory of automatic stretch wrappers to find one that's right for your process.


Handle It model 1100AA-C automatic pallet wrapping machine

1100AA-C Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® automatic stretch wrapper Model 1100AA-C is remote controlled. That means you can perform the entire wrapping cycle without getting off of your forklift.

With an average of 300 loads per day and its 250% pre-stretch capabilities, you'll save time and money in the wrapping process.

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FA 4000 Automatic Conveyor Pallet Wrapper

The Handle-It® FA 4000 is a fully automatic turntable machine. It has a conveyor top and PLC controls and is capable of wrapping 30 pallets per hour.

Design elements such as hot weld film tail sealing, machine fencing, and forklift protection will help streamline your packaging process.

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Fully automatic turntable stretch wrapper 40 pallets per hour production


The FA 4100 is Handle-It's® high-volume turntable-style automatic wrapper. This unit is capable of wrapping 40 pallets per hour and is suited for high throughput.

Its rugged build quality and slewing bearing turntable make it perfect for operations handling high volumes of pallets each day.

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The Handle-It® FA 4400 is a fully automatic rotary tower machine. It has a conveyor and PLC controls and is capable of handling 50 pallets per hour.

This machine allows you to automatically attach and cut stretch film and comes with a hot weld sealing unit to automate the wrapping process.

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