Pallet Wrappers | Stretch Wrap Machines

Handle It stretch wrap machines and pallet wrappers semi-automatic and low profile available with scales.

Handle It offers a wide variety of both fully and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines and stretch wrappers. Our products range from entry-level equipment to heavy-duty machinery. Find the right machine for your needs and budget by browsing our offerings below.


Handle it 800 stretch wrapper

800 Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® Model 800 is our mid-level semi-automatic option. It's rated for up to 100 loads per day and is one of our most popular options. Its user-friendly control panel will help your crew streamline its packaging operations in no time.

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Handle It stretch wrapper 850PS

850PS Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® Model 850PS adds a powered film pre-stretch carriage with 250% stretch capabilities. The pre-stretch process greatly improves film efficiency and lowers the total cost of your pallet wrapping. The 850PS is rated for 100 pallets per day.

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Ultra Low Pallet wrapper

1200UL Ultra Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine

The 1200UL pallet wrapping machine has a patented ultra-low frame, standing at less than 3/4" high. Its low frame makes it the easiest machine to load and unload on the market. If floor space in your packaging zone is limited, this model is ideal for tight spaces. It is rated for up to 200 loads per day.

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1100AC Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Model 1100AC is our heavy-duty model, rated for up to 300 pallets per day. 250% film pre-stretch capabilities and an automatic film cutter both come standard with this machine. The powerful controls can completely customize your wrap cycle to fit your operation needs.

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Handle It 600 stretch wrapper

600 Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® Model 600 is a great entry-level semi-automatic pallet wrapper, suited for up to 35 loads per day. If you're looking to upgrade from a manual process, this is a great starter machine that will improve your packaging consistency.

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Mobile Robot Stretch Wrapper - Model 3000

3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine

If you're looking for flexibility in a pallet wrapper, our model 3000 could be right for you.

This portable stretch wrap machine comes standard with a touch screen control panel. It also has 250% power pre-stretch for better film efficiency. This increased efficiency could save you up to 40% on film costs throughout your wrap cycle. The model 3000 can handle various pallet heights, sizes, and weights.

This battery-powered machine streamlines your wrapping process in locations where mobility is key.

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Handle It model 1100AA-C automatic pallet wrapping machine

1100AA-C Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® automatic stretch wrapper Model 1100AA-C is remote controlled. That means you can perform the entire wrapping cycle without getting off of your forklift.

With an average of 300 loads per day and its 250% pre-stretch capabilities, you'll save time and money in the wrapping process.

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Rotating Arm Stretch Wrapper Model 2200

The Handle It® semi-automatic Model 2200 Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper is ideal for very heavy or unstable pallets. This machine is also perfect for those looking to handle high volumes of pallets in a day.

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FA 4000 Automatic Conveyor Pallet Wrapper

The Handle-It® FA 4000 is a fully automatic turntable machine. It has a conveyor top and PLC controls and is capable of wrapping 30 pallets per hour.

Design elements such as hot weld film tail sealing, machine fencing, and forklift protection will help streamline your packaging process.

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Fully automatic turntable stretch wrapper 40 pallets per hour production


The FA 4100 is Handle-It's® high-volume turntable-style automatic wrapper. This unit is capable of wrapping 40 pallets per hour and is suited for high throughput.

Its rugged build quality and slewing bearing turntable make it perfect for operations handling high volumes of pallets each day.

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The Handle-It® FA 4400 is a fully automatic rotary tower machine. It has a conveyor and PLC controls and is capable of handling 50 pallets per hour.

This machine allows you to automatically attach and cut stretch film and comes with a hot weld sealing unit to automate the wrapping process.

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Digital display board for stretch wrapper scale

Pallet Wrapping Machine with Scale

All Handle It low-profile turntable-style stretch wrap machines come with the option to install an integrated scale. By combining the pallet wrapper and scale into one machine, you can reduce handling time and accurately measure your pallet weight. This combination will make your team more efficient and reduce your operating costs.

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Stretch Wrap Machine Grade Film

Handle It offers high-quality machine-grade films with up to 300% pre-stretch film ratio. We carry 20" wide film in a variety of film gauges. All pallet loads of rolls ship with freight included.

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