Portable Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Handle It robotic mobile stretch wrap machine

Mobile pallet wrappers are capable of wrapping very long, heavy, or unsteady pallet loads. These types of machines are ideal for locations that lack a central shipping area. Since they are portable, you can move them from one pallet to the next in a shipping area. You can then put the machine away when you are finished.

See if our series 3000 portable stretch wrapper is right for your organization's pallet wrapping needs.


Mobile Robot Stretch Wrapper - Model 3000

3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine

If you're looking for flexibility in a pallet wrapper, our model 3000 could be right for you.

This portable stretch wrap machine comes standard with a touch screen control panel. It also has 250% power pre-stretch for better film efficiency. This increased efficiency could save you up to 40% on film costs throughout your wrap cycle. The model 3000 can handle various pallet heights, sizes, and weights.

This battery-powered machine streamlines your wrapping process in locations where mobility is key.

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